10 Articles Java Developers Should Read this Week

Hello guys, curation is one of my passion and so is reading. I read a lot, here in Medium, On Reddit, On HackerNews and in general other places on the Internet. While reading so many articles I have noticed one thing that sometimes a good article doesn’t get the exposure it deserves and when I see that I feel for them.

It takes a lot of hard work, time, and patience to write an article and there is nothing more frustrating to find that only a handful of your friends have read it.

Java Community has given so much love to me and I am really grateful and I felt that I should also do something for new writers and bloggers and Java developers who write and that’s why I have created this

 Publication, Javarevisited.

If you follow me that you know that I solely write on my blog Javarevisited and Java67 but in this place, it’s not just me but other Java programmer and developer also gets a chance to write and share their thoughts.

Apart from that, I have also started a series of curation articles, where I will share some worth reading Java articles from Medium so that you can read some interesting articles and those articles also get more exposure they deserve before falling on the sea.

So, here is my first such curated list about best Java articles of this week from Medium:

An excellent article by our new writer

 on our Medium Publication Javarevisited. You can do a lot better by avoiding these mistakes while learning Java.

It’s worth remembering that :


 for being a part of Javarevisited community and keep these excellent pieces coming up.

Btw, if you are learning Java then I also suggest you go through The Complete Java MasterClass on Udemy, one of the best and most up-to-date course to learn Java.

Do you always wanted to learn more about GraalVM introduced in Java 10 but never get a chance to see some real stuff, here is an interesting article to start with:

A great study list for Java developers to learn more about Java, Clean Code, Gradle, Hadoop, Java EE, and Jetty. If you are feeling to explore what to learn in Java and how this article can help you.

He he 🙂 This is my own article, I am not sure if you have seen this on

 on yet or not. If you haven’t, please go and read.

It contains some of the must-read books for Java programmers ranging from class Head First Java to Effective Java and Concurrency Practice in Java.a

Equals and hashCode is one of the most important core Java concepts and I believe every Java developer should be familiar with this. It is used in HashMap, HashSet, TreeMap and several other Collection classes.

There is also an equal and hashCode contract which you should follow while overriding these two methods in your own class.

So far, Effective Java’s advise is the best one I have read on this topic but this article also has done well to cover this in-depth. Well done

 and great job

 for publishing this article.

Another awesome article on Spring Boot and Microservice by our new community member

. If you are interested to know about how Spring Boot can help you to develop Microservice then you should read this article.

Optional was introduced in Java 8 to reduce the risk of NullPointerException and improve the readability of code by showing the intention better but the bigger problem was that it wasn’t clear how to use Optional in the right way so most developers started using in the same way they do the NULL check, which means still similar code.

This is a two-part article which will teach you how to build a working app who will create users and authenticate/authorize users and clients in a microservices architecture using Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and MongoDB.

This is the second part of the above article which covers how to build the auth service

Everyone is talking about Microservice nowadays and it’s today one of the most popular topics. Microservice can be written using Nodejs, Java, Python, etc.

In this article, you will learn how to write java microservice using Spring boot and intercommunication between those microservice using Eureka service discovery server.

And if you want to learn more about Spring Boot and Spring Cloud, you can also check Master Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud course on Udemy. One of the better course on this topic.

That’s all guys, these are some of the best articles I found on

 this week for Java developers. If you like my curation, I may continue this kind of articles in the future.

Once again thanks a lot to all the authors and publications and I invite you all to join Javareivsited and contribute here to reach many like-minded Java developers.

If you have any questions or feedback, please drop a comment.