Brick Facade on Java Street Building Collapses

The brick exterior of a building on Java Street collapsed yesterday evening.

The three-story building at 113 Java St. was evacuated by the FDNY just after 5 p.m. Tuesday after several chunks of brick came tumbling down onto the front porch, drive-way and sidewalk.

Video posted via the Citizen app shows collapsed awnings over the windows where the bricks fell, with a huge pile of bricks on the stairs leading to the building’s main entrance. A white car in the driveway also appears to have sustained damage due to falling bricks.

The FDNY left the scene just after 11 p.m. yesterday, and said the cause of the partial facade collapse is still being investigated.

A Department of Buildings spokesperson said the collapse to the front of the building was due to water infiltration in the masonry, based on a preliminary investigation. The investigation, however, is ongoing.

The DOB has also issued a violation to the building owner for failure to maintain the building’s facade. A full vacate order is also in effect for the building.

No injuries were reported with the incident, and there is no immediate danger of further collapse.