You can try a Pixel Launcher with Android Go optimizations for low-end phones

Source: XDA-Developers

XDA-Developers is a large community of developers, many of which enjoy Android development and a hobby and contribute their projects with the public. Since the Google PixelLauncher isn’t available on the app store, both the Pixel and Pixel 2’s Launchers were repacked into APKs that can be installed on any Android device and would work without the need to root, appropriately named “Rootless Pixel Launcher” by AmirZ, and “Rootless Pixel 2 Launcher” by paphonb, both members of XDA.

The Rootless Pixel Launcher is also optimized for tablets like the Google Pixel C and comes with various Android for Work features. There is also a specially compiled version that is optimized for Android Go – a version of Android optimized for smartphones with low-end processors, low-res displays, and limited RAM.

The optimized version features a 4×4 app grid, the Google Feed panel, at a Glance widget, icon pack support, and home screen rotation. Widget support and notification dots are not supported, though. If you’d like to try it out, download the “go-optimized” APK at the source link, keep in mind, you do need to sideload it.

Check out the Via link for more screenshots of the optimized Launcher in action.