The easy-to-use app DaisyDisk helps you clear space on your Mac for less than $10

Quit losing space on your MacIf you have a MacBook, you’re probably astonished when you notice your machine running sluggishly, or when you somehow magically run out of the (usually pretty massive) drive space. If you’ve had your computer for a while, or just tend to work on large files, the way you store and save your things could be the culprit. But just like the winter gear we store in our attics or basements (and quite frankly, forget about), locating those pesky files can be a little tricky.

That’s why there’s DaisyDisk for Mac, a one-stop shop app that is currently on sale for less than $10.

Instead of going and investing in a new storage solution (only to chipmunk away your files again), use DaisyDisk to scan your drive for all the files that consume your disk space. It’s incredibly intuitive to use: just download, launch and let the app scan your device to give you an interactive map of what files are taking up the most space.

Particularly if you work with design or editing of any kind — or if you just happen to need to download large files for short-term review for work — this kind of app proves incredibly helpful for the management of files on your computer. You can preview the files before you delete them, scan all your connected disks (from Mac HD to Thunderbolt disks, flash to network storage, and more), and get all that data displayed in real time.