GitHub given Windows 9x’s awesome and so very modern look

How many baby boomers does it take to set up GitHub? Just one – but you’ve got to make it look like a 1990s Windows build.

That seems to be the reasoning behind “GitHub Windows Edition”, billed as “a user style which transforms GitHub’s pages into [a] GUI resembling Windows 9x” in a browser window.

Vulture South can’t decide whether author Alexander Prokhorov is evil, genius, or both, but we’re sure readers will form strong opinions. How could you not, when a GitHub repo can look like this?

Windows CSS for GitHub by Alexander Prokhorov

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Prokhorov reckons his artisanal retro skin offers an “almost pixel-perfect reproduction of buttons, tabs, separators, groups, edit boxes, list boxes, tooltips, windows.”

As is so often the case when someone commits an appalling indiscretion, Prokhorov blames someone else for the inspiration – this Twitter post at the time Microsoft’s GitHub acquisition landed.

The style is most easily installed with browser extensions Stylish or Stylus (the latter being the open-source fork of Stylish, which has been accused of a data slurp), he wrote.

We’re not certain whether this is nominative coincidence or a pseudonym, but readers with a knowledge of Nobel Prize history will know that Alexander Prokhorov was also the name of an Australian-born Russian physicist, who shared the 1964 prize with Charles Hard Townes and Nikolay Basov for work on masers and lasers. Clearly this new effort is worthy of even greater praise.