GitLab 8.5 pours on the speed

GitLab 8.5 pours on the speed

GitLab this week upgraded its code-hosting platform, emphasizing performance and adding to-do list and remote replica capabilities.

GitLab 8.5 is lot faster, said Job van der Voort, GitLab vice president of product at the company, in a posting about the upgrade. “Average mean performance is up at least 1.4 times, up to 1.6 times for 99th percentile response times. For slower pages, the response time has been improved way beyond this.”

The new version features Todos, a chronological list of to-dos. “Whenever you’re assigned to an issue or merge request or have someone mention you, a new to-do is created automatically,” said van der Voort. GitLab 8.5 Enterprise, meanwhile, features an alpha version of Geo, providing for a remote replica of a Geo instance. Geo makes it quicker to work with large repositories over large distances, and this instance can be used for cloning and fetching projects as well as for reading data.

The GitLab Pages feature for hosting a static website under a separate domain name now backs TLS (Transport Layer Security) certificates and custom domains, and users can upload their own certificates. “The new functionality of GitLab Pages was made possible with the help of a new HTTP server written in Go,” van der Voort said. “We call it the GitLab Pages daemon GitLab Pages daemon, and it supports dynamic certificates through SNI and exposes pages using HTTP2 by default.”

GitLab is vying against juggernaut code-sharing site GitHub in the Git repository market. The latest upgrade follows the release of Gitlab 8.4, the 50th release of the platform, by about a month.


[Source:- Javaworld]