Google Android Oreo 8.0 Bug Reported: Mobile Data Being Used Over Wi-Fi

A bug has been reported in Google’s upcoming Android version – Android Oreo 8.0 (Image: Google)
Google’s upcoming version of Android OS –Android Oreo 8.0, has recently been reported with a bug by a Reddit user. As per the users post, the new Android version is unable to switch from mobile Data to Wi-Fi if in case both are turned on. The Reddit user, who goes by the name of Unusual-Sauce, mentions a ‘huge spike in data usage’ even when his/ her mobile device was connected to the Wi-Fi. Other Reddit users blame it on a ‘Developers option’ setting that reads ‘mobile data always active’ being enabled by the Android Oreo 8.0 update. The setting was disabled by default in the earlier versions of Android.

As per the post, the user reported the issue to Google support, who in return assured that they were aware of the glitch and were actively working on a fix. The bug in itself can turn out to be a nightmare for users who have a limited internet usage plan by shooting their monthly bill straight up. The issue hence needs to be fixed by Google as soon as possible.