Google Assistant refuses to answer some users on Android Auto, despite understanding requests

Google Assistant and Android Auto didn’t play together nicely a while ago when the Assistant muted itself over Bluetooth for some. Another unrelated issue has now surfaced where Google simply doesn’t answer voice commands on Android Auto, even though it understands and parses speech perfectly fine.

A tipster reached out to us and showed us how his Assistant refuses to answer questions in his car whenever he uses Android Auto. Utilizing, he compared how Google processed his commands on his phone and in Auto mode. It turns out that the Assistant understands what he says in the car just fine, but it simply won’t answer his queries.

There is a support thread in Google’s help forum where many people have shared similar stories. It looks like some are experiencing a “double beep” when they say “OK Google” or hit the microphone button, which could point towards the Assistant cutting off its own answers before it can say them. Only beta users described the problem initially, but apparently, the issue has been dragged into the stable release. Another group of people, including our own Mark, say the Assistant doesn’t reply to some specific queries like “Play the news” while other requests work.

Google acknowledges the “double beep” issue in the thread but hasn’t specified if it’s working on a fix. Hopefully, it can find a solution soon as many people rely on conversing with the Assistant while driving so they can keep their eyes on the road.