Hazelcast Teams with Azul Systems

The Java Zone is brought to you in partnership with Azul.   Discover how to stop tuning and get back to coding with Azul Zing.

Azul and Hazelcast have been enhancing their products for many years in order to support demanding in-memory workloads. Hazelcast’s formal support for Zing® makes it even easier for enterprises to build and deploy memory-based webscale Java applications. Together, Hazelcast and Azul Systems will extend their existing success in latency-sensitive domains including financial services, ecommerce, online gaming, and real-time advertising networks.

The combination of Hazelcast plus Zing delivers compelling benefits to the enterprise. Beyond helping IT and DevOps teams leverage existing Java tools, technology and skillsets, Azul and Hazelcast greatly extend the operational lifetime and capacity of existing memory-intensive applications. In one recent example, a system that was constrained by a legacy Java Virtual Machine (JVM) could only support 40,000 line items, but was extended to support 1,500,000 in-memory catalogue entries simply by deploying Zing and with no change to the application – greatly improving the end-user experience and driving incremental sales within the same infrastructure.

Hazelcast provides a highly resilient and elastic memory resource to all applications, while supporting more production environments than any of its competitors. Its operational in-memory platform is written in Java, and is available in both Enterprise and community (open source) editions. The platform provides a high-speed, highly available and elastic cluster of memory servers that can be sized on-the-fly to match the changing needs of an application at webscale. Storing data in Hazelcast is as robust and flexible as storing it on disk with all the speed of keeping it in-memory. Hazelcast and Azul’s technologies are compliant with Java SE as well as Java EE, making it simple to deploy for large systems based upon Tomcat, Spring, and other top-tier frameworks and application servers.

To pilot Hazelcast with Zing in your operation, contact either Hazelcast or Azul Systems.

[Source:- Dzone]