iOS 11 Beta 3 Now Available To Developers: iPad Improvements, Notification Center Upgrade, And More

Apple just rolled out beta 3 of iOS 11 for developers on Monday, July 10, for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The latest beta includes a list of refinements, performance improvements, bug fixes, and more.

That said, beta 3 still contains a number of bugs, which is to be expected, of course. You can read the list of known issues and bugs in the update’s release notes. Because beta releases are not very stable versions, developers should only install them on secondary or “testing” devices. It should not run on your daily driver, needless to say.

With that in mind, here are the things included in iOS 11 beta 3:

iOS 11 Beta 3: iPad App Switcher

The latest beta version finally restores the swipe-up-to-close gesture on the iPad app switcher. Previously, users had to hold down an app and tap the corresponding “X” button to close it entirely. Now, the interface involves simpler gestures to get things done. Users may also swipe multiple open apps to close them, as a commenter notes via 9to5Mac.

iOS 11 Beta 3: SOS

Canceled SOS signals will no longer send out notifications beginning with iOS 11 beta 3.

iOS 11 Beta 3: Notification Center

With iOS 11 beta 3, there’d be no need to swipe twice just to see “Earlier Today” in the Notification Center. In addition, the latest beta releases simplifies the interface by showing all notifications on the first swipe, which means users don’t have to swipe down to view unread notifications then swipe up once more to see earlier ones.

iOS 11 Beta 3: App Store

The App Store now lets user choose if they want video to automatically play. Users can configure it to stop autoplaying videos altogether or only when on a cellular network connection.

iOS 11 Beta 3: SafariServices

Developers can now take advantage of a new SafariServices API to improve authentication flow for onboarding. For example, when a user updates Twitter, they’ll be automatically logged in to the app once it finishes updating instead of re-entering their password.

There’s quite a list of changes not mentioned here, so feel free to check out 9to5Mac’s article to get the full release notes. Apple released iOS 11 beta 3 alongside new builds of macOS High Sierra and tvOS. It didn’t release a new beta build for watchOS, although that could arrive later in the week.

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Are you an iOS developer? Have you received the iOS 11 beta 3? Feel free to tell us how has the experience been so far!