iPhone X Has 2 Batteries, Claims Early Teardown Video

iPhone X Has 2 Batteries, Claims Early Teardown Video

While Apple is about to begin the shipments of the iPhone X, a teardown video apparently showcasing the new model has surfaced online. The video reveals that the latest flagship iPhone not only has a unique dual-camera setup on the rear and a TrueDepth image sensor on the front, but it also has two battery packs underneath the iconic bezel-less display panel. Notably, the teardown is not from a reputed source, so you should take what’s been revealed with a pinch of salt, and wait for what the good folks at iFixit have to say.

The relatively blurry iPhone X teardown video, released by a Chinese YouTube channel, has a playtime of 15 minutes. It highlights all the major differences between the hardware of the iPhone X and its predecessors. However, the most notable tweak the video shows is the presence of two batteries that are aligned in an L-shaped layout.

Since the teardown video is narrated in Chinese, and Apple didn’t announce any such details at the time of the iPhone X’s launch, the presence of twin batteries is confirmed. It appears to have been done to leave room for other components including the TrueDepth system and dual camera sensors. Likewise, Apple would have managed to maintain the minimal appearance of the new iPhone by aligning two batteries instead of opting for a large one.

It is worth noting here that despite the dual-battery alignment, the iPhone X is thought to have a battery capacity of 2716mAh, thanks to a TENAA listing.

Apart from the batteries, the teardown video shows the facial recognition technology of the iPhone X by detailing the TrueDepth camera sensor. The video also gives a glimpse of the conspicuously small motherboard that includes Apple’s A11 Bionic chipset alongside a three-core GPU and 3GB of RAM. The logic board is significantly smaller in appearance than what comes with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Overall, the video confirms that the iPhone X is not an easy-to-repair device. The edge-to-edge display of the new iPhone, which Apple calls Super Retina, is fixed on the surgical-grade stainless steel frame. The glass panel on the back is also pasted on top of the induction coil that enables wireless charging. We reiterate that the source of the teardown is not reputed, and readers should take the learnings with a pinch of salt.

The iPhone X is debuting in India on Friday. It comes with starting price of Rs. 89,000 and will be available for purchase in the country starting 6pm IST.