What Do You Need to Know About Agile Course?

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The Agile course is solely designed for the professionals that lead the Agile team to complete their projects on time and as per the requirements of the customers. By learning Agile and scrum, you become an expert in delivering high-quality products by gratifying the requirements of customers. You will get to know how to successfully apply scrum in Agile methodology. Through this Agile course, the participants can learn about the four-phase concepts which are concept, initiate, deliver and deploy. The real-life examples will be taught to the participants taking part in the Agile course.

By taking part in the Agile management courses, the participants can be, capable of making various scrum artifacts, capable of making product backlog, definition of done, sprint backlog and completed deliverables, facilitate daily scrums, sprint planning, user stories and spring reviews and more. The Agile management training can be taken by, developers, teams transitioning to scrum, managers of scrum teams, product owners, team leaders, project managers, scrum masters and professionals that would like to get the scrum master certification. The participants do not need to undergo any such prerequisites to take part in the course. All the participants have to do is to explore the best institute to learn the course.

Why SAFe®  Course is Crucial?

The leading SAFe® 4.5 course is important because the scaled Agile framework is going to teach you the following skills within just two days.

  • How To Design The Agile Portfolio
  • How To Direct A Lean-Agile Transformation At The Enterprise Scale
  • How To Execute And Release Value All The Way Through The Agile Release Trains
  • The participants of this course will get to know about the lean-Agile mindset and how to implement the principles and concepts of SAFe®
  • The course offers a chance to the participants to prepare them for the SAFe® Agilest examination by taking part in the course

Know About the Certification

Rather than taking the software or hardware courses, you do need to know about the certification of the courses. Yes, taking the course which issues no certification is of no use. Without having the certification, you cannot able to add it in your resume. As far the as the SAFe®  course is concerned, the participants will be given certification on the successful completion of the course and examination. The participants of the SAFe®  course have to take part in the examination to receive their certification.

The first attempt of the examination costs zero as the exam fee will be added along with course fee. The second attempt to the examination should be done right after to the first attempt. The third attempt includes a 10-day wait and a fourth attempt of the exam includes a 30-day wait. For every retake, you should pay 50 dollars. The SAFe® examination totally carries 45 questions and you will be given 1.5 hours to complete the examination. The examination is a closed book one and you should not take any assistance from outside too. The pass mark limit of the exam is 34.