News Daily: Deadly newspaper attack and EU summit latest

Police at the scene of a shooting in Annapolis

Five people have been killed and others injured by a gunman who targeted a local newspaper in the US state of Maryland. Staff at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis said the attacker, armed with a shotgun and smoke grenades, fired through a glass door into the newsroom. The suspect has been named by US media as Jarrod Ramos. He’s reported to have had a long-standing feud with the paper after unsuccessfully suing for defamation in 2012.

Staff tweeted from inside the newsroom as the attack took place, describing their terror. Afterwards, they vowed to return to work and put out an edition of the paper on Friday.

Mass shootings in the US are becoming more common and more deadly, as this video explains. Here, we sum up America’s gun culture in 10 charts.

EU summit latest

European leaders have reached an agreement on migration after 10 hours of difficult negotiations. Italy – one of the main entry points for thousands of mainly African migrants – had threatened to veto any deal unless other nations take a greater share of the burden. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in particular, is under great pressure at home. Her political ally is threatening a mutiny on migration unless she comes up with a way to prevent new arrivals.

Migration isn’t the crisis it was in 2015, but tensions have grown in recent weeks after Italy barred entry to migrant rescue ships, as BBC Europe editor Katya Adler explains.

Meanwhile, Theresa May has accused the EU of putting the safety of its citizens at risk by blocking agreements on security after the UK’s departure. The summit is the last chance for the prime minister to address fellow leaders before October, when both sides hope a Brexit deal will be done. Splits in her cabinet are making things very difficult though and all eyes are now on a meeting at Chequers next Friday when it’s hoped that ministers will finally be able to agree the UK’s blueprint for its future relations with the EU.

Out of the group

England will play Colombia in the last 16 of the World Cup after losing 1-0 to Belgium. You can watch the highlights here, but be warned, chief football writer Phil McNulty says it was “a largely mediocre, lifeless encounter” punctuated by just one spectacular strike. Silver linings though, and the defeat means England avoid bookmakers’ favourite Brazil if they reach the quarter-finals – check out the route they could now face through the knock-out stages.

The faces female football fans want you to see

By Laura Lea, BBC News website

Put “female football fan” into a search engine and the image results are a stream of attractive young women in tight shirts and, sometimes, no shirts. Tired of sexualisation and misrepresentation, some fans have decided it’s time to level the playing field. “These images represent everything that’s great about this game – how many different kinds of women go to matches and support. We need this realness,” says Emma Townley, from online community This Fan Girl. She’s talking about five images of female England fans taken ahead of this World Cup.

Read the full article

What the papers say

Daily Mail and the Times

The papers weren’t impressed by the quality of England’s game against Belgium. It was “a lukewarm contest” and neither side seemed sure “whether they really wanted to win”, says the Daily Mirror. “A game played like a testimonial never feels right at any World Cup,” remarks the i. The Daily Express worries that coach Gareth Southgate “tried to overthink things” and says “a whole nation really hopes you know what you are doing”. Everything will be fine though, as the Sun comments, “as long as you get the outcome you wanted”. Elsewhere, most of the papers discuss the apparent impasse over the UK’s Brexit deal. A cartoon in the Financial Times portrays the stars on the EU flag as the hours on a clock – and the time is five to midnight.

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