Salesforce Aims To Ignite Web Developers With Lightning

Lightening speed.Adrian Brophy @ Xtrashot Photographic

Some people think of Salesforce as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) company. Equally, many folks might think of Salesforce as a wider cloud platform company. Others still might think of the firm as a general IT company with a very philanthropic and ebullient CEO who enjoys a keynote showboating session. What is perhaps surprising is that most people don’t think of Salesforce as a programming company focused on software application developers.

If there is any truth in the above statement, then part of the reason for this generalized perception may be the company’s arguably somewhat incongruous ‘No Software’ logo. As we have said before here on Forbes, really it’s ALL software, it just comes from the cloud.

Salesforce has in fact had a tangible developer presence for many years and its Dreamforce conference has specific programmer tracks. The company is also known in programming circles for its 2010 acquisition and further development of Heroku, a cloud development platform spanning several programming languages. Then of course there is Force, that’s the very logically named core Salesforce platform that the company has since renamed as Lightening.