Skype for iPhone and iPad updated with bug fixes and performance enhancements

The Skype team is one of Microsoft’s busiest groups, consistently pushing out updates for the myriad platforms supported by the company’s premier communications tool. Today, the team gave iOS some love, placing Skype version 6.14 in the App Store for both the iPhone and the iPad.

The changelog is fairly straightforward, and nothing exciting (substitute iPhone for iPad and it’s exactly same for both devices):

Welcome to Skype 6.14 for iPad. This update contains numerous bug fixes and performance improvements. Please continue to send us feedback from within the app or via Skype’s community pages. We are listening!

So, just bug fixes and performance enhancements, but that’s nothing to sneeze at. Head over to the App Store and hit the update button or download from the links below.

[Source:- Winbeta]