Technology and Silicon

With new technology popping up somewhere in the world practically every day, do you ever wonder about how things work? For instance, the silicon wafer is a staple part of most of the electronic devices you use every day. Here are some thought on the subject


Not to get too technical, but a semiconductor made of silicon conducts energy, usually in the form of electricity, only when certain conditions are met. This means that the electrical current can be controlled so that you can start and stop the flow of electrons. A semiconductor is used as the basis for what eventually becomes an integrated circuit. Manufacturers work with silicon wafer suppliers as the first step in the process.

Integrated Circuits

ICs are actually made up of many circuits that are located on the semiconductor. The tiny transistors are integrated together into a chip that has become a staple in all kinds of electronic equipment. These chips have been miniaturized over the years so that all kinds of gadgets have more and more electronic options. In fact, a chip from the 1970s that is the same size as an IC of today would hold millions fewer transistors.

Modern Electronics

From mobile phones to toasters to vehicles, the IC has revolutionized the way we do things. The more transistors on a chip, the more functions can be performed. The small size means that ICs can be utilized nearly everywhere and in everything. I wonder if people who were on the cutting edge forty years ago would be amazed at the number of things we use on a daily basis that use ICs.

Whether you already know a lot about electronics or you are just starting to learn the terminology, silicon has given technology a huge boost. From a silicon wafer to an IC to the latest electronic gadget, our world has forever been changed.