Top Java tools to watch out for in 2018


Why is it important to know about the upcoming changes to Java? Java is one of the most user-friendly computer programming languages; it is class-based, concurrent, object-oriented and is particularly designed to suit the needs of any industry. Since its onset, it has evolved in a great way to offer immense benefits to the industry.

Every year, the world of technology witnesses a lot of changes in the Java world. The challenge this year is to face these changes and incorporate them into the ongoing programs in order to reap the maximum benefits.

Retrospective: Java in 2017

2017 was a roller coaster ride for Java development along with many upgrades and advancements. Let’s have a look at Java’s transformation over the years:

  • Java continued to maintain its position with the heritage apps and its immense popularity among Android applications.
  • Java EE was moved to an open source foundation with a new host for Eclipse Enterprise for Java (EE4J).
  • Java EE 8 was launched in September 2017.
  • MicroProfile also witnessed some progress.
  • The community of Android has accepted Kotlin with open arms and will see even greater changes in the future.

Java in 2018

With the tremendous transformation and the major updates that happened in 2017, Java has taken a huge leap that will not only benefit the IT industry specifically but will also contribute significantly to the advancement of a number of different industries. The experts are foreseeing great changes for 2018. Some predictions are:

  • EE4J will see immense changes
  • With EE community gaining popularity, Java J2EE development will definitely strengthen its impact (also known as Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition).

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Top Java tools to watch out for in 2018

The diversified tools available in the market offer different functions, thus making it difficult for developers to choose a particular one. The same goes for Java, which is specifically designed to offer excellent services to the set-top box devices and mobile phones. The light-weighted tools will be given a boost in 2018.

These are the Java development tools that are expected to offer immense benefits this year:

  • Eclipse — It is one of the most preferred tools among developers and has highly customizable features. Some of the advantages are:
    • Convenient navigational features
    • Seamless problem-solving
    • Easily customizable
    • Auto-completion attribute
    • Supported by other programming languages
  • Java Development Kit (JDK) — With its immense features, developers find it extremely feasible to use. The features are:
    • Top-notch memory allocation techniques
    • Cost-effective tool
    • Easy to use even for a novice
    • Easy transformation from C to other programming languages
    • It utilizes a personalized Java Virtual Machine (JVM) along with other resources
    • Java security API is amalgamated with the high as well as low level of functionality
  • Oracle JDeveloper — It is an integrated development framework which aims to offer an informative and visual approach in order to boost the user development experience. It has high-quality features like:
    • High-security services
    • Adoption of code features
    • Other attributes like open API, ANT support, audit & metrics, etc.
    • 150+ Ajax powered components are available
  • NetBeans IDE — It is an open-source IDE and is compatible with Java J2EE development, along with Java SE. The features include:
    • Compatibility with various languages
    • Extensible platform
    • Ideal for novice users
    • High-performing GUI builder


The Java ecosystem is huge and it has been changing since its onset to suit the needs of the industry and developers. It always provides tools and technologies to fit the diversified users and their demands. These tools, along with the upcoming additions will make sure this programming language will be adopted in a wider range of digital transformations.

With its upcoming improvements, Java promises to deliver one of the most cost-effective and user-friendly solutions for making outstanding mobile phone apps in the years to come.