Windows 10 Chrome users: Now you get Google alerts in Action Center

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Microsoft’s “nearly” 700 million Windows 10 users, most of whom use Google Chrome, can soon expect to see Chrome notifications delivered through the standard Windows notifications system.

Google is gradually rolling out the Windows Action Center notifications via Chrome 68, the version it released in July. Support for native Windows 10 notifications was announced by a Chrome developer yesterday via a tweet.

Windows 10 Action Center was inherited from Microsoft’s now dead Windows Phone and came to the desktop with first version of Windows 10 in 2015.

Chrome support for Action Center may be more welcome than notification-prone LinkedIn’s arrival in Action Center last year.

However, as with the Windows 10 LinkedIn app, Chrome users will be able to manage notification settings via Action Center controls if they become distracting.

Chrome also started using macOS’s notification center last year and said at the time that it was working on support for Windows 10 Action Center notifications, too.

Windows 10 users have been able to manually enable Chrome native Windows 10 notifications since March, but the current rollout will make it the default.

The Google developer who announced Chrome’s Action Center support noted that third-party Chrome apps that rely on the browser for notifications might notice a slight drop in click-through rates but these should pick up again as Windows 10 users familiarize themselves with the change.

Support has reached about half of Chrome 68 on Windows 10 users and will gradually reach them all.

But the difference between Chrome and Edge has shrunk dramatically over the past two years.

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