8 Best Technology Blogs Every Student Should Read

Whether you’re in love with space advancements or simply with your smartphone applications, you can’t deny technology. You may not be in direct touch with it like software developers are, but you’re surrounded by it everywhere you go. To make technology your best friend and stay in trend with the last tech innovations, sign up for blogs. Depending on your tech knowledge and interests, you may read the general news or dive into the tiniest deals of the IT world.

Don’t know where to start your tech education as a lay student? Check the list of tech blogs our experts prepared for you.


Covered by tech specialists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the blog includes a plethora of topics to choose from. AI, smart cities, climate change, healthcare software – indulge your sci-fi fantasies in the smartest way.

Apart from articles, the blog suggests conversations of specialists recorded in the form of podcasts. To get more time, you can always reach for a research paper writer service and get the best college essays. All while exploring your favorite blogs.

Why choose ‘MIT Technology Review’? 

  • It comes from one of the oldest universities in the US;
  • The articles are written by professionals with excellent credentials;
  • All data is peer-reviewed yet provided by the academic community;
  • There is a podcast for those who prefer digesting the info audibly.


If you’re currently studying business management and finances, this blog is a godsend to you. The blog writers tell you everything about technologies and their application in business. Most of the time, the researchers focus on tech startups and their business-building strategies. If you have plans to start your own software company, we advise you to sign up for TechCrunch as soon as you can.

Why consider ‘TechCrunch’? 

  • You get the freshest business news in the IT industry and finances;
  • There is tons of info about apps, credit cards, and loans. That’s great if you’re interested in banking;
  • The blog has Extra Crunch Membership. Once you choose this option, you get an opportunity to dive into the recent business cases with all details saved.


This blog is among the most popular blogs for tech Millennials. Why so? People love reading about how they can improve their smartphones. This is not a surprise. The latter turned into a ticket to the outer world for the young people: better tech solutions – more opportunities.

The blog is great for beginners who want to learn more about mobile technology and electronics. You can always read about the latest apps one can install, or the oldest one must update.

Why read ‘BGR’?

  • The blog has a trending list to simplify your reading choices and save you time;
  • You can find shopping guidelines and reviews of the latest tech products before actually buying them;
  • You learn everything about mobile apps and smartphones;
  • The blog teaches you how to make smart decisions when it comes to everyday technology.


For students pursuing a career in web design or social media development, ReadWrite is a great resource. The authors cover tons of unrelated at first sight topics. Among the latter are fintech, smart cities, media, web design, and social networking.

The key word is ‘ecosystem.’ All the unrelated topics actually contribute to the reader’s understanding of business as a particular system with separate elements. A modern business requires social media and web design to exist, right? Add the fintech knowledge, and you’re ready to go.


The blog, which won tons of awards, is waiting for you as a new reader! Perfect for both tech lovers or haters, ‘The Wonder of Tech’ has a goal to teach you how to use technology. The blog’s author will tell you how to improve the user experience in terms of safety, effectiveness, and privacy. It will also give you some daily advice on how to welcome technology into your life. If you hate technology now, you’ll love it after reading the blog. Try it! It’s free.


If you want to create top-notch software for business in the future, start reading ‘Computer World’ right now. The app focuses on readers who want to add tech solutions to boost the effectiveness of their business operations. The blog will teach you how to combine your business management knowledge with the best developments in the IT industry.

Why read ‘Computer World’? 

  • You’ll get more knowledge about the relation between modern businesses and technologies;
  • You’ll learn how to improve computer networks;
  • Obviously, you’ll find everything you always wanted to know about computers but were afraid to ask.


The name speaks for itself. Didn’t have enough time to catch up with the latest tech news? Sign up for this blog. You’ll find everything from computing and mobile tech to networking. It has special channels focused on data management, software development, and gaming, among other topics.

If you can’t choose the article to read, open the ‘Most Popular’ page and start browsing the site from there.

The blog mostly focuses on how the software solves enterprise problems. Again, a perfect option to mix business management and IT.


One of the pioneers in tech blogging, ‘Boing Boing’ is fun to explore. The design of the site is simple, contains four sections, and reminds the visitor of the ad’s site.

Boing Boing functions like a separate system rather than a casual tech blog. By using the search section, you can find anything you need. Meanwhile, by using the ‘Store’ section, you can find discounts on devices and applications.


To avoid getting swallowed by a swarm of applications, learn how to choose the ones you need. The same goes for buying new smartphones or laptops. To get more educational advice regarding the world of technology, check the blogs from our article.

We hope the information was useful to you. Good luck with your conquest of apps and messengers!