Database Administrator (MySQL)

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An experienced MySQL database administrator who will be responsible for ensuring the performance, availability, and security of clusters of MySQL instances. You will also be responsible for orchestrating upgrades, backups, and provisioning of database instances. You will also work with the other teams, preparing documentations and specifications as required.

As a support engineer, you will be responsible for managing releases deployments, performing patches, upgrades and maintaining the environment in accordance with established policies and procedures. The engineer will also work closely with development teams during the design of applications to provide input from operational perspective. The engineer will also troubleshoot and resolve any issues that occur in Dev, Test and Production environments.

This position will be responsible for conducting technical studies and evaluations of business area requirements. The engineer will recommend the appropriate cloud technology options to support the software to IT management.

Job Duties

  • Basic Database administration – install, configure, upgrade, and migrate existing databases
  • Provision MySQL instances, both in clustered and non-clustered configurations
  • Administer database instances in AWS
  • Ensure performance, security, and availability of databases
  • Automate various DBA tasks
  • Prepare documentations and specifications
  • Handle common database procedures, such as upgrade, backup, recovery, migration, etc.
  • Profile server resource usage, optimize and tweak as necessary
  • Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders


  • Strong proficiency in MySQL database management
  • Understanding of MySQL’s underlying storage engines,
  • Experience with replication configuration in MySQL
  • Knowledge of de-facto standards and best practices in MySQL
  • Proficient in writing and optimizing SQL statements
  • Knowledge of MySQL features, such as its event scheduler
  • Ability to plan resource requirements from high level specifications
  • Experience with version control; specifically Git and GitHub
  • Familiarity with other SQL/NoSQL databases such as PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Dynamo etc. will be big plus
  • Knowledge of limitations in MySQL and their workarounds in contrast to other popular relational databases

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