Acer’s new Windows Mixed Reality headset has a detachable modular design

Acer is introducing a new version of its Windows Mixed Reality headset at IFA in Berlin today. The Acer OJO 500 includes a more modular design with detachable parts. It’s designed for businesses like museums or attractions that might have customers using the headset multiple times per day, and both the lens and head strap can be fully removed and cleaned. Acer is shipping the OJO 500 with either a hard or soft head strap, and the soft version is machine washable.

The mask on the headset can be flipped, so you don’t need to remove the headset fully to check your surroundings. Acer is also including a built-in interpupillary distance (IPD) wheel to adjust the distance between the display and people’s eyes. This should make VR apps and games in Windows Mixed Reality a little clearer and sharper.

Acer is also improving its field of view with a wider 100-degree view thanks to two 2.89-inch LCD displays (2880 x 1440). While Samsung integrated its own headphones into its Mixed Reality headset, Acer has created a “sound pipe” that allows users to hear audio without wearing headphones. There are also built-in headphones with the hard head strap if the spatial audio isn’t immersive enough.

Acer’s OJO 500 headset will be available in both the US and Europe in November starting at $399.