App update notifications might be returning to Windows 10 Mobile

The removal of update notifications from the Windows Store had some people up in arms, and for good reason. Whenever something changes in your device, you want to know about it – that includes the implementation of updates to your apps. When update notifications were taken away, you were flying blind, and no longer knew what exactly was going on with your apps.

Thankfully, according to Roman, a prominent leaker on Twitter, these update notifications have returned in the current internal build of Windows 10 Mobile. This means that, if you get an update to your apps, you’re going to get a notification informing you of this. While this might not be an incredibly important thing for a lot of Windows 10 users, the fact that Microsoft took a second to implement this feature again means a whole lot to a select portion of people. With any luck, this feature is brought back into the fold for every Windows 10 Mobile user sooner than later and isn’t removed (yet again) at the very last minute.


[Source:- Winbeta]