Cozway gets senses tingling with “Java”

Drawing his influences from nature, world music, and trap, Cozway has created a truly unique sound of his own. Cozway has also released music on imprints such as DeadbeatsQuality Goods, and Jadū Dala, the last of these being his official remix of RL Grime’s “Shrine” which appeared on the recent Nova remix album.

Today Cozway adds to his growing catalogue with a new release through Mad Decent’s bass-heavy sub label Good Enuff. “Java”, at a warm 84 BPM, is an ode to the Indonesian island and culture that it’s maker was born around. It begins with an ominous distorted horn, heavy war drums and kettle gongs playing a scale in their traditional tuning. A contrastingly modern rap vocal-chillin’ in the club is also woven in to remind the listener that they are still in this era. At the peak of its build up, there’s a a brief moment of silence before an explosive bassline dances with a punchy lead that sounds more like it came from the jungle than a synthesizer. “Before moving to Canada I spent the first eight years of my life in Singapore which is a melting pot of South East Asian cultures,” he says. “The Javanese culture of Indonesia was one that always captured my imagination. I wanted this track to sound dark, ritualistic and mystical so naturally I chose that as was the main inspiration for it.”  The track also features a rich sound pallete, consisting of running lava samples and traditional Indonesian Gamelan instruments such as kettle gongs.