Digital Offers: Never forget a password again for $15

What do Facebook, email, and your online banking information all have in common? They are all secured behind a log in username and password. Assuming you use a different password for each service, that end’s up being a lot of passwords to memorize, and chances are you will forget at least one of them at some point.

There are very few things in the world that are more frustrating than forgetting your password and it usually leaves you pounding on your keyboard or throwing your phone across the room. Window Central Offers can help you never forget a password ever again.


True Key by Intel Security is an award-winning password managing software that will allow you to improve your security and prevent you from forgetting your login information.

True Key uses biometrics to make you the password! You can use your fingerprints, eyes, or even your face to access your favorite websites and accounts, and right now Windows Central Offers can offer you a one-year license to True Key for only $15.99.

Just look at some of the other features you can get with rue Key by Intel Security:

  • Access from any device; True Key syncs to your phone, tablet ,and computer.
  • Verify access to the app with your face, fingerprint, or via devices you trust for total security.
  • Store and manage up to 10,000 passwords securely in the True Key app, which is accessible only by you via devices you’ve approved.
  • Sync passwords automatically to your phones, tablets, and computers for easy access on any approved device.

Don’t ever lose your password again. True Key by Intel Security will protect your security and give you peace of mind, and right now we can offer it to you for only $15.99.




[Source:- Windowscentral]