DiskMax PC cleaning software review

DiskMax is a free program for Microsoft Windows that you may run on devices running Windows to clean the computer system.

Computer users have two main reasons for wanting to clean old or temporary files from their devices. First, because it frees up disk space that they may use for other data, and second, because it removes traces from the system.

Lastly, some may also like the feeling of having a lean and clean system, but that is more a psychological thing.



DiskMax is a free system cleaning software for Windows. The program is compatible with all recent versions of Microsoft Windows, and needs to be installed before it can be run on a target machine.

The interface lists the four available scan profiles on start. These are: user, all users, system, and system+.

The icons on top highlight the areas that will be scanned and cleaned by the application when you make a selection or hover over the profile.

The two user scans limit the scan to user related data that is temporary (temporary files, logs, caches, and so on).