Donald Trump Jr schooled on Twitter after Halloween ‘socialism’ tweet

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Donald Trump Jr got a lesson in sharing from social media on Tuesday, after tweeting a picture of his daughter Chloe with her Halloween candy haul, and threatening to take half of it away to “teach her about socialism”.Within hours, Trump Jr’s tweet had generated over 50,000 replies, with many users pointing out that he wasn’t describing socialism, but sharing – something most children are taught to do.Lots of people used the tweet as an opportunity to criticise Trump Jr’s understanding of socialism, given that trick-or-treat candy is given to children as a handout due to the kindness of strangers.Some pointed out that giving candy to children who weren’t able to go out trick-or-treating would, in most circumstances, be considered a good deed.The origins of Trump Jr’s own inherited wealth were also a target for mockery.Those making this point included the Harry Potter author JK RowlingOther people stretched Trump Jr’s analogy to illustrate “trickle-down” economics, make a point about his father’s proposed tax reform programme.And of course, there was plenty of mention of the Trump campaign’s alleged ties with Russia.There was also criticism of Trump Jr’s decision to use his three-year-old daughter to make a political point.

Halloween hasn’t been the easiest period for the Trump family, with the president criticised for remarks he made when meeting children in the White House over Halloween.