Enhance Your Landscape with LED Lighting

If you want to add beauty and atmosphere to your landscape, LED lighting provides an easy, affordable solution. There are hundreds of fixtures to choose from that offer a variety of lighting results for your front yard and walkway, backyard garden, deck or patio, and trees, shrubs, plants, and flowers.

Creating a beautiful landscape doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. By introducing a few outdoor lighting fixtures, you can quickly turn a dark, dismal yard into an inviting space that welcomes guests to your home and provides a great place for outdoor entertaining. Since your eye is drawn to areas with the highest degree of visual contrast, you don’t need many lighting fixtures to create a stunning effect. You don’t need to light up your entire yard to create outdoor atmosphere. If there is too much outdoor lighting, nothing stands out and nothing feels special. Instead, consider how you plan to use specific outdoor areas and which outdoor features you want to highlight.

Select a few important features, like trees, hedges, garden areas, outdoor water features, or deck and patios spaces, then choose appropriate LED fixtures with an LED socket that give you desired lighting results. You can choose a favorite outdoor area and highlight surrounding features. If you have a pergola or pavilion, place a spot light in a tree above the area, then direct the light downward onto the sitting area. For outdoor dining or entertaining, choose low-level light fixtures that create cozy, inviting atmosphere, instead of bright lights that create harsh glare. Low light levels will create more contrast between light and shadows and give your landscape a more dramatic effect. In the end, your goal is to create a casual, relaxing outdoor space that enhances the beauty of your home and landscape.

When selecting fixtures, consider the size of the fixture, the light quality, and the light beam spread for best results. Look for fixture styles and finishes that will enhance materials, colors, and features on your house. If you’re not sure which fixtures will create desired effects, talk to a landscape professional who can help you plan your outdoor lighting.