Fresh Paint Windows 10 Preview lands in the Store but you can’t download it yet

Update: this app isn’t new and has been in the Store for a year. See original story here.

For the artists among us, there’s a new app out on the Windows Store that might just help you unleash your inner creative: A preview version of Fresh Paint, the Windows 10 app that’s been around for a while now. While you should already have Fresh Paint installed by default, this new preview version is something else entirely. We don’t know precisely what the purpose of this app is, and it doesn’t help that we currently have no way of getting it.

The preview version of Fresh Paint, while having a listing up on the Windows Store, can’t be downloaded just yet. On top of this, its description is entirely barren, only giving out the basic two sentence description of the app: “The delightfully realistic painting application for you, your friends and family. It’s time to set your creativity free!”

This listing on the Windows 10 Store is, at the time of writing, sort of an anomaly. If it ever becomes something that we can download, however, it’s fair to assume it could have a few extra features that Fresh Paint users would want to get their hands on. For those curious, check out the app listing via the download link below. We’ll let you know once the app becomes available for download.

[Source:- Winbeta]