Google releases Android 11 DP 4 with new features including resizable PiP windows

Android 11 DP 4 released

Google has rolled out another version of its developer preview ahead of the beta launch for more number. The latest iteration is Android 11 Developer Preview 4 and comes with a variety of new features and improvements.

One of the biggest improvements in the DP4 is the ability to resize the picture-in-picture (PiP). This allows users to resize the pop-up window for any supported app that supports PiP. As pointed out by AndroidPolice, the feature will be incredibly useful as most of the modern smartphones come with relatively larger screen. There are some minor UI changes as well. This includes removing the pop-up window by tapping on the “X” button instead of “drag down to dismiss.”

Apart from the resizable PiP window, Android DP4 also brings a tutorial for gesture navigation. The tutorial allows users to practise the gestures before getting started with the phone.

“Our industry moves really fast, and we know that many of our device-maker partners are counting on us to help them bring Android 11 to new consumer devices later this year. We also know that many of you have been working to prioritize early app and game testing on Android 11, based in part on our Platform Stability and other milestones. At the same time, all of us are collaborating remotely and prioritizing the well-being of our families, friends and colleagues,” said Google.

Change in release schedule

The arrival of a new DP means the beta launch has been pushed. It may be recalled Android DP3 was supposed to be the final developer version before the beta launch of Android 11. The company will now release the Android 11 Beta on June 3. The second beta will arrive in July. The third in August. The final release, however, appears to be still on track for the third quarter.

source: hindustantimes