Google’s new Android app makes it easy to save mobile data on the go

Google’s new Android app makes it easy to save mobile data on the go

The good folks at Android Police have spotted a new app from Google called Triangle; it lets you control which other apps can use your mobile data. It’s a handy little tool if you’re stuck on a crappy plan or are low on credits abroad.

Just fire up Triangle, grant it the necessary permissions (including one that allows it to set up a VPN), and you can then monitor data usage, and restrict apps from consuming mobile data – even if you’ve 2G/3G/4G data turned on.

That’s useful for times when you might forget that you’re on limited data, and happen to launch a data-hungry app just to kill time (Reddit clients have swallowed up my entire allowance a few times). It’s also great for preventing apps from consuming data in the background without your knowledge.

You can also grant apps access to mobile data for 10 minutes or 30 minutes from a prompt that pops up when you launch an app. And there are rewards to be earned by installing promoted apps, but that’s only available to a couple of carriers in the Philippines.

Speaking of which, Google is presently testing Triangle in the Philippines, and so it’s only available to users there from the Play store. It is, however, available to sideload from APKMirror and it works like a charm even if you’re not in that country.

Care to try it yourself? Grab the installer APK from this page, and check out more info on Google Play.