Huawei FusionCloud 6.3 solution to accelerate enterprises’ cloud migration and innovation

Visitors tour the Huawei exhibition booth during the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, China, Wednesday, June 27, 2018. A Huawei executive says Australia could damage its economic future if it bans the Chinese telecommunication giant from the nation's next-generation mobile network technology. (Chinatopix via AP)For enterprises, cloud migration is not the sole goal and an equal emphasis needs to be paid on how cloud computing adapts to their business transformation. Huawei’s ‘One Cloud, One Lake, One Platform’ architecture is equipped to enable complete cloud infrastructure revamp, thereby helping enterprise move towards the age of digitalization. The newly released ’Huawei FusionCloud 6.3 Solution’ provides high-performance cloud service capabilities using tech stacks and innovation enabled by software-hardware synergy. In addition, it adapts to cloud-based requirements of enterprise applications, solving real-world problems and making the first intuitive steps of progress.

Huawei FusionCloud 6.3 is the first full-stack cloud oriented to a range of industries. The solution’s architecture is based on “one cloud, one lake, and one platform” to help enterprises accelerate cloud migration of their businesses accelerating their journey to digital transformation.

One cloud refers to the converged cloud resource pool, which implements unified infrastructure delivery, management, and services through intensive construction. FusionCloud 6.3 is a private cloud platform that provides the most number of IaaS cloud services with more than 40 cloud services in total. This solution takes advantages of innovative technologies, such as bare metal, GPU enhancement, and SAP HANA cloud host services to meet the key requirements of moving core enterprise applications to the cloud. Huawei is the only vendor whose servers, storage
products, and virtualization platforms have been certified by SAP to offer high-specification SAP HANA cloud host services. FusionCloud 6.3 provides heterogeneous computing services (GPUs + CPUs) based on Huawei’s Atlas heterogeneous computing platform. A single server supports the
processing of 500-channel videos, improving video processing capabilities of a single node 32-fold. It is the only solution in the world that supports a wide array of tenant-level DR services, such as local, intra-city, and cross-region DR, CSHA, and cross-cloud backup, significantly ensuring business continuity. This solution also supports Huawei public cloud, unified APIs and services, and consistent experience, enabling seamless service deployment and migration across clouds.

FusionCloud 6.3 comprises of data lake that provides full lifecycle processing capabilities starting from data collection, storage, computing, management, to data aggregation and utilization, helping customers convert data resources into data assets. It provides scenario-specific big data analysis capabilities, provisions big data services within seconds, and accelerates the migration of big data to the cloud. FusionCloud 6.3 supports five types of mainstream databases (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MPPDB) and provides unique database security services in the industry, quickly and securely moving databases to the cloud.

One platform is an application-enabling platform that integrates basic data services, general-purpose middleware, and industry middleware to enable customers and industry ISVs to quickly innovate services based on multiple types of middleware. Hybrid orchestration of containers and VMs allows for automatic provisioning of complex services. FusionCloud 6.3 uses the cloud service catalog (CSC) to integrate third-party applications, empower ISV applications with service driven access, and quickly adapt to scenario-specific service requirements, offering an innovation ecosystem for enterprises. Huawei cooperates with over 300 industry ISVs to match the needs of customer scenarios and existing applications, facilitating easy migration of innovative services to the cloud.

Huawei’s private cloud is dedicated to providing leading solutions, products, and technologies to facilitate enterprises’ digital transformation. At present, SOA-PEOPLE, Europe’s 5 th largest SAP solution provider, based on Huawei SAPHANA cloud solution provides B2B services to small and medium-sized enterprises. One CPU supports two HANA VMs and the operating cost is reduced
by 50%. Till date, Huawei has successfully served more than 4300 customers in 144 countries and regions over the past few years, covering a wide range of industries such as government, public utility, carrier, energy, finance, transportation, manufacturing, media, healthcare, and education.