iPhone Slowdowns : Chinese Consumer Group Latest to Question Apple

iPhone Slowdowns : Chinese Consumer Group Latest to Question Apple

Despite apologising for slowing down iPhone models with ageing batteries and offering a new battery replacement programme, Apple continues to face questions regarding the issue. Now, a Chinese consumer group has reportedly asked the company for more information regarding slowing down older iPhones and has demanded an answer before this Friday. From consumers groups like these to government authorities worldwide, complaints, investigations, and lawsuits over the iPhone slowdown have mired Apple since the issue came to light.

As per a Xinhua report, the Shanghai Consumer Council is the latest organisation to question Apple over the issue. It has sent an inquiry letter to the Cupertino giant over the slowdown of older iPhones with ageing batteries. The council has reportedly demanded the cause of the performance as well as remedial measures taken to resolve it. The report says that the council has received 2,615 complaints on Apple products and services last year, compared to 964 complaints in 2015.

Apple had recently apologised for slowing down iPhone models and offered a new battery replacement programme. In a post on December 28, Apple had apologised over its handling of the battery issue and said it would make several changes. Under the new offer, Apple had reduced the price of a replacement for out-of-warranty batteries (in iPhone 6 or later) from $79 to $29. “We know that some of you feel Apple has let you down,” Apple said in its posting. “We apologise.”

In December last year, Apple had acknowledged that iPhone software has the effect of slowing down some phones with battery problems. The company had said the problem was ageing lithium batteries delivering power unevenly, which caused iPhone handsets to shutdown unexpectedly to protect the delicate circuits inside. However, Apple had denied that it had ever done anything to intentionally shorten the life of a product.

Apple has been facing several lawsuits regarding the issue, all around the world. According to a report, there has been at least 30 separate iPhone slowdown class actions lawsuits against the company, in the US itself. This is on top of government investigations that Apple faces in some countries. Another reportsays cases have been filed in Israel, France, and Korea as well.