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Note that this page is very large. The tips on this page are categorized in other pages. Use the tips index page to access smaller focused listings of tips.

This page lists many other pages available on the web, together with a condensed list of tuning tips that each page includes. For the most part I’ve eliminated any tips that are wrong, but one or two may have slipped past me. Remember that the tuning tips listed are not necessarily good coding practice. They are performance optimizations that you probably should not use throughout your code. Instead they apply to speeding up critical sections of code where performance has already been identified as a problem.

The tips here include only those that are available online for free. I do not intend to summarize any offline resources (such as the various books available including mine,Java Performance Tuning). The tips here are of very variable quality and usefulness, some real gems but some dross and quite a bit of repetition. Comments in square brackets, [], have been added by me.

Use this page by using your browser’s “find” or “search” option to identify particular tips you are interested in on the page, and follow up by reading the referenced web page if clarification is necessary.

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