How Learning React 16 Course Will Help You

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If you would like to design a single page application in JavaScript, then you should take a course on React 16. React 16 is one of the famous libraries, which is supported by Facebook. With the reliable assistance of the React library, you can able to design the active frontend applications with the astounding haves like data binding, universal applications, declarative views and architecture. Taking a course on React 16 will groom you to become a beginner to interact with the concepts of React library to design the SPA applications.

The SPA applications designed using the React library will assist your business gain the faster Return on Investment because of lesser maintenance cost, quick accessibility, and lesser development. You can take the React 16 course either in online or offline, which is your wish. For taking this course, the participants need to be familiar with the JavaScript. That is, the participants need to possess some experience in developing applications with JavaScript. If the participants are not familiar with the JavaScript, then they are recommended to take a one or two-day introductory course on JavaScript and how to develop applications using the Javascript.

What are the Learning Outcomes of the React Course?

By taking the course on React, the participants will gain the following knowledge.

  • The candidates can design applications from scratch using the React 16
  • They can employ styled components to design presentational components
  • They can understand the difference between the single page react application and conventional web development frameworks
  • They will know about Enzyme and sinon, Unit test React component and redux using Jest
  • They will know how to code using ES6 language features
  • They can create, build and deploy react applications to cloud
  • They can implement server-side rendering for SEO benefits and to lessen the initial loading times
  • They can know advantages of unidirectional data flow
  • They can take the advantage of React and Redux dev tools for better debugging
  • They can know about React ecosystem and sources for good third-party libraries
  • They can design redux middleware with Redux saga

All About React Router

React is a JavaScript library for designing user interfaces. As like other frontend JavaScript frameworks, the react is used for designing the single page applications. The single page applications are web pages that do not demand a full page reloading on change of view. Rather than demanding the full page reload, they swap views into or out from the portion of the page because the user directs through the application. The participants of this course should possess some basic knowledge of react library.  The beginner’s guide for react router 4 is as follows,

  • Basic routing
  • Nested routing
  • Nested routing with path parameters
  • Protected path routing

React remains the desired library for handling the routing tasks. The “just react” is the most preferred library of the react community. The routes are nothing but the tools and the tools are delivered to the screen while the application is running.