Look back at Mac OS X’s history with 5K versions of all the default wallpapers

Mac OS X / macOS has been a fundamental part of Apple’s modern-day renaissance. Throughout the years, the company has graced each version of its computer operating system with default desktop wallpaper that has ranged from instantly iconic to, well, some really nice pictures of mountains.

But most of the older wallpapers were never really designed to be used on a higher-resolution screen, so if you’ve been looking to use the classic Aqua wallpaper from OS 10.3 Panther or 10.5 Leopard’s famous Aurora on your fancy new 5K Mac, you’ve been pretty much out of luck.

Fortunately, Apple aficionado Stephen Hackett of 512Pixels, in partnership with Twitter user @forgottentowel, has created a centralized place to find upscaled 5K resolution versions of every main OS X wallpaper ever made. They’re ideal on a Retina display with your current-gen iMac or MacBook Pro.

Image: Apple

As a warning, there’s only so much you can do even with upscaling the older images to modern resolutions, so while you shouldn’t expect razor-sharp crispness, it’s still better than using the original 1024 x 768 OS 10.1 wallpaper that natively shipped with Cheetah.