Makeup Guru Patrick Starrr Launches A Makeup Collection With MAC Cosmetics

Patrick Simondac, more famously known in the social media sphere as Patrick Starrr, would never have thought that a few subscribers on his DIY YouTube channel would one day exponentially grow to over three million. That his name is now emblazoned on power compacts and makeup palettes of MAC Cosmetics is also nothing short of a dream come true.

Photo courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

Patrick Starrr’s Eyeshadow Quad Palette in GlamAF

Being raised by relatively conservative Filipino parents, Patrick’s was encouraged to take up nursing or go into business ventures that were perceived as stable. His passion, however, lay in the arts—music, photography and later, makeup. While studying to become a nurse, he also took on work as an artist for MAC Cosmetics. It was opportunity for him to not only wear makeup (which he looked forward to each day at work), it was also a means for him to hone his skill.

Photo courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

Patrick Starrr for MAC Cosmetics lippie in Mamastarrr

When he was off from work, Patrick aspired to perfect his craft. “I don’t think I would have started a YouTube channel had I not worked at MAC. During my tenure, I learned so much. MAC was like Hogwarts for artists and professionals… I became a sponge at MAC. I also had a tech side to me, with a history of being a photographer, my coworkers would always say ‘Girl, you are so buggy, you should have a YouTube channel.”’ And so began Patrick’s journey to YouTube stardom.

Photo courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

One of the key products from the Patrick Starrr line is the setting powder.

His success was not dependent purely on digital branding, although in the social media world, likes, views and followers are currency. The vlogger and makeup guru offered those watching his homemade videos a unique selling proposition relatable to a large audience. He also brought expertise and experience to the table, himself having worked as a professional makeup artist with an impressive portfolio. Starrr’s “Makeup Is A One Size Fits All” philosophy made it easy for millions of subscribers to relate to his useful tutorial videos.

Photo courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

Patrick Starrr for MAC Cosmetics Lipglass in SheBettaWerrrk

Starrr applied this very concept to the development of his makeup collection for MAC. He explains, “I did not want to go too artsy or too avante-garde, because I wanted someone’s grandma to walk in and feel great buying it. I want anyone to be able to use these products to create confident, glamourous, fierce, very Patrick Starrr-esque looks through my collection.” The Patrick Starrr collection for MAC Cosmetics features a neutral palette that can be combined to create specific hues or worn alone. It was intended to suit individuals of varied lifestyles, age brackets and ethnicity.