Microsoft listens to feedback, will return stand-alone Achievement app to Xbox One

With the arrival of the Windows 10-powered New Xbox One Experience operating system on the Xbox One gaming console a few months ago, one of the features that was sacrificed to make room for the new features and navigation methods was the stand-alone Xbox Achievements app.

While the original operating system snapped individual apps to the right side of the screen and gave users the option to view them fullscreen, the New Xbox One Experience merged several apps, such as Friends, and Notifications, into a new overlay guide on the left side of the screen and completely removed previous options.

Right now, to access Achievements on the Xbox One, users can still snap Achievements to the right side of an active game or check out Achievements for other titles in the reinvigorated Game Hubs. There is also the option to view Achievements in the revamped Profile which also provides the option for comparing game progress with friends.

Despite all these alternatives, fans apparently aren’t a fan of change (shocking, but true) and due to strong fan support for the return of the old app, Microsoft will be bringing it back in a future update.

Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra made the announcement earlier today via his personal Twitter account and also suggested that the plans to expand the new guide’s functionality would also continue as planned. Recently, Microsoft announced that the next Xbox One update would add the Achievements directly into the new guide, lessening the need for a snapped app even more.

Microsoft continually takes feedback and suggestions from users on their Xbox Feedback site and the majority of new features that have been added to the Xbox One since its launch have reportedly come from fan suggestions. The New Xbox One Experience is one example of a major change that was made due to fan requests.

Do you like to view apps in the guide, snapped to the side, or in their own fullscreen app? Let us know in the comments below.

[Source:- Winbeta]