Microsoft’s Skype UWP app is a big improvement over the Messaging app



Microsoft is currently working on a new Universal Windows App of Skype for Windows 10, which is set to replace the awful Messaging and Skype Video apps already available on Windows 10 today. WinBeta has had some hands on time with an unfinished version of the app, as so far we’re impressed.

The new UWP app for Skype is a huge improvement over the hilariously bad Messaging app we use currently. The new Skype app actually looks like Skype for starters, and has all the bells and whistles you would expect a Skype client to have, like an emoji-library, group conversations, file sharing, and more.

The new app has the option to sync Skype contacts with the People app, and right-click context menus that offer access to Skype profiles and other options. Since this is an early build of the new Skype app, it’s almost certain that more Skype features will be ported over from the desktop app in good time. But right now, the new Skype app is a very nice improvement over the current Messaging app, which we all know is pretty damn bad.

[Source:- Winbeta]