OS X 10.12 features and release date information: what we want to see in the 2016 successor to El Capitan | 10 features missing from El Capitan that we need

Siri is on the iPhone, iPad and even the Apple TV, but it’s nowhere to be seen on the Mac. Meanwhile, Microsoft already has Cortana in Windows (and has done since Windows 8.1) and Chrome has Google Now. We get that Apple may want to keep it as an iOS exclusive, but Siri makes a lot of sense on the Mac where we could use it to compose messages, look up information and browse websites just by asking for them.


OS X 10.12 wishlist: Faster Spotlight searching

We like what Apple has done to Spotlight in OS X El Capitan, but we frequently have problems with it. Often it fails to return items, and occasionally it doesn’t return the apps we’re looking for. Apple should take a break from introducing new features in Spotlight next year, and polish it till it shines once again.

OS X 10.12 wishlist: iCloud Drive on an external drive

It’s great that Apple now offers 200GB of storage for just £2.49 per month, but iCloud Drive now takes up most of the space on Macs with smaller hard drives. It’d be great if we could move iCloud Drive to an external drive, so we had all the files stored locally without taking up all the space on our hard drive.

OS X 10.12 wishlist: Bring back the Save As shortcut

We’re still not sure why Apple replaced Save-As (Command-Shift-S) with Duplicate in its iWork apps, but we think Apple should rethink the approach. Whatever new approach to file saving they had planned hasn’t gained wider industry traction, and it’s just confusing to everybody who knows the Command-Shift-S is Save As.

OS X 10.12 wishlist: Sort out automation once and for all

Automator for OS X

Apple has spent a lot of time working on automation over the years, and now has AppleScript, Automator and Javascript for OS X all working. We think Apple should focus on one of those, and make it work, and we think it should be Javascript (it just has wider community support). The lack of a decent scripting solution in OS X drives us crazy.

OS X 10.12 wishlist: Health app for OS X

Health is a great app for iOS and Apple Watch, and we think it’d be nice to see it come across to OS X. Being able to keep an eye on your health stats from the desktop would help Health become a much more versatile tool.

OS X 10.12 wishlist: System-wide OS X Dark Mode

Dark Mode for the Dock and Menu bar is nice, but we’d love to see it integrated System Wide and adjust the whole appearance of OS X. There was a rumour of a Dark Mode reskin called Marble at one point, and we’d love to see a darker, edgier OS X appear in 2016.

OS X 10.12 wishlist: Dedicated Music App for OS X

There’s no getting away from the fact that iTunes is a big, bloated mess of an app. We’d love to see Apple break iTunes up into a series of smaller apps (as it is in iOS). Top of our list would be a dedicated Music app, with deep integration with Apple Music. But we’d also love to see separate Podcasts and iTunes Store apps.

OS X 10.12 wishlist: Clock App for OS X

Wouldn’t it be great if OS X had a proper Clock app, with all the functionality of the Clock app in iOS. The widget is fine, but a dedicated app with Alarm, Stopwatch and Timer functionality for OS X would come in handy.

OS X 10.12 wishlist: iCloud Time Machine

You can backup your iOS devices to the cloud, but what about OS X? With cloud storage prices falling, we think it’s high time Apple brought cloud backup directly into OS X. You might have to pay extra for the solution, but it’d be a much better system than backing up Macs to external drives.


[Source:- Macworld]