PSA: Lumia Offers is unavailable due to an SSL certificate issue

Owners of Microsoft’s Lumia devices are likely aware of the Lumia Offers app that originated during the Windows Phone era, before that of Windows 10 Mobile. The app provides exclusive offers to people who use a Lumia device; offers can range from free Office 365 to free credit checks and more.

Those trying to access the app recently have been struggling to do so – after clicking ‘continue’ on the home screen, rather than loading the offers list, it instead displays an error message, as shown below:

This error appears to be caused by an expired SSL certificate for Microsoft’s backend API for Lumia Offers, which means that connections are being blocked for security reasons, resulting in the above message.

Microsoft hasn’t made any comment on the issue so far and nor do they appear to be working to resolve the issue, additionally, it is unknown if they will resolve it.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft and will let you know if we find out more information. In the meantime, it is best to reach out to customer support to report this issue if you’re wanting access to the app.

[Source: Winbeta]