SwiftKey for Android Now Supports Urdu, 4 Other Languages

SwiftKey for Android Now Supports Urdu, 4 Other Languages

The SwiftKey keyboard app has been updated with support for Urdu (English) and a bunch of other languages, including Alsatian, Fongbe, Norman, and Warlpiri. The new language support is limited to Android devices. Microsoft has also added some bug fixes to deliver an improved typing experience through its keyboard app. Last month, the SwiftKey keyboard app for Android and iOS was updated with a toolbar that brings quick access to GIFs, emoji characters, and copied text.

With the latest move, the SwiftKey app for Android now supports over 200 languages. The app was already supporting widely used languages such as English (US, UK, AU, CA), Spanish (ES, LA, US), Portuguese (PT, BR), German, Turkish, French, Arabic, Russian, Italian, and Polish among various others.

Apart from new languages, the updated SwiftKey app has some bug fixes. the punctuation slider on the virtual keyboard will no longer trigger the period when sliding finger on it. Further, the keyboard won’t lock up when you try to tag someone in Instagram comments. The app has also received a layout fix that comes when using Dvorak + Split + Undock settings.

You can visit Google Play to download the latest SwiftKey version on Android device. There isn’t any word on an identical version for iOS devices. However, that could also debut in the coming days to match the experience with its Android counterpart.

Microsoft last month brought the SwiftKey 7.0 as the “biggest update” since its acquisition in 2016. That update brought a “Collections” feature as a toolbar to offer quick access to GIFs, emoji characters, and copied text. The toolbar can be used to store emoji, stickers, and GIFs. Also, the last update expanded the location sharing feature for eight new hybrid languages, including Assamese (English), Bengali (English), Kannada (English), Malayalam (English), Marathi (English), Nepali (English), Odia (English), and Telugu (English). Users can shift between these languages seamlessly.