How technology is transforming business centres to futuristic workplaces

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Business centres are moving towards automation even at granular levels to foster convenience for their space occupants.

A decade ago, organizations invested massive volumes of capital in building offices, getting the infrastructure right and arranging for as many amenities as they could to add convenience to their employees’ work, keep the office attractive for their clients and visitors. However, huge upfront investments were replaced by flexible rentals ever since equally-equipped business centres and co-working spaces checked into the office space industry. Yet ‘the norms’ keep changing, so businesses today are more inclined towards flexible offices that are highly equipped with amenities and at the same time more and more ‘tech-friendly’.

An advanced IT-infrastructure with free & fast internet has been the basis for increasing occupancy of business centres for many years. However, amid steep competition in the market, operators are now more focused on making their business centres technology-savvy in order to differentiate their offerings. From automated door locks to app based service bookings, technology in business centres is growing by leaps and bounds.

If we look at it closely, business centres are moving towards automation even at granular levels to foster convenience for their space occupants. So, let’s take a look at how business centres & co-working spaces have transformed with the growth of technology:

Visitor Management

Gone are the days when an entrant in the office would fill details in a manual register. Office space providers have now introduced tablets integrated with visitor management software that keeps a precise & permanent record of people entering the office premises.

The Internet of Things

The concept of smart buildings has recently garnered recognition in India and operators have grabbed the opportunity of making their office spaces IoT-driven. IoT devices are installed at workplaces to ease out manual operations, give real-time alerts to avoid cases of theft and fire, carry out smart surveillance, energy management, and produce realms of data that helps optimize operations.

Automation in Meeting Rooms

The traditional way of brainstorming over white boards is now getting replaced with digital flipcharts so that ideas are discussed over smart screens having multiple capabilities. Also, voice based commands make it hassle-free to carry out several little tasks that would otherwise require a dedicated helper.

App-based Service Bookings

Office space providers try their best to make it convenient for occupants to book services on-the-go through a smart phone app. With a few taps, occupants are able to book new office spaces, meeting rooms, order food, stationery, and avail various business support services like tax counseling, HR support, legal compliances, rider services, and more. With today’s technology, you name a service and it is there within your arm’s reach.

Secured Access to Suites

Technology has transformed the definition of security in business centres. Access cards replaced keys and now app-based door locks are going to replace access cards, adding convenience and security to workspaces.

There are several other examples of technological growth in co-working spaces and their indelible impact on the working style of occupants. In a nutshell, technology in business centres & co-working spaces has eased out human efforts at many levels and is enabling such flexible offices to become workplaces of the future.