How is technology transforming your career?

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It goes without saying that we at are interested in technology. By extension, in the Careers section, we often muse on how technology has impacted, and will continue to impact, the way we work.

How do you feel about emails? Good, bad, something in between perhaps? How would you feel if you never received a single internal email? If you’re curious about what an email-starved existence is like, Slack’s Vic Davis can provide some fascinating insight.

Technological advancement has instigated a seismic shift in recruiting whereby algorithms now conduct preliminary screening. How do you make sure your CV gets through? Hays’ Jane McNeill outlined three steps to overcoming algorithms.

Does the nine-to-five grind really suit anyone? For Ciara Garvan, it’s an unequivocal no. Upon returning to work after having children, Garvan realised that the traditional structure of the work week was not only incompatible with her needs as an employee but wasn’t necessarily conducive to more productivity either. We chatted with herabout her company WorkJuggle at Mastercard Ireland’s Women’s Leadership Network breakfast event.

We also had the privilege this week of getting an insider look at the new BMS state-of-the-art biologics facility at Cruiserath and having the opportunity to talk to just some of the 400 people who work there.

On the Dublin jobs front, satellite player Viasat announced the creation of 100 new jobs on the back of support from both IDA Ireland and the European Space Agency, while an additional 65 roles are up for grabs as Strategem announces acquisition by Connelly Partners.

For more on any of these stories, follow the links below.

1. Want a sneak peek at the new BMS facility at Cruiserath?

The hotly anticipated BMS facility at Cruiserath is now operational, but what is it actually like to work there?

2. 3 steps to optimise your CV for algorithms

To streamline the recruitment process, many CVs now go through preliminary screening, which is assessed by algorithms. So, how do you ensure your CV passes the test? Hays’ Jane McNeill has some advice.

3. ‘I don’t send or receive a single internal email’ 

Want to know what it’s like working at Slack? It includes a lot fewer emails than you’re used to.

4. Satellite player Viasat to create 100 new jobs in Dublin 

Viasat moves into new Dublin offices with room for 250 people.

5. 65 new jobs as Dublin digital agency Strategem is acquired by US firm

Strategem to offer 65 new roles and be rebranded Connelly Partners (Dublin) following takeover.