Trello update brings desktop app for Windows and Mac

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Trello today announced it was releasing an update with multiple oft-requested features, the biggest of which its own desktop app.

If you are one of Trello’s millions of users, you might find it inconvenient that you have to work entirely from your browser. Now it’ll have its own desktop app with native notifications and customizable shortcuts.

The good news is you can get the app today if you’re on Mac. I’ve tried it, and it’s a pleasant upgrade from the browser. It rolls out for Windows users tomorrow.

Other new features in the update include the ability to embed Trello boards in different team productivity software, like Bitbucket and Dropbox Paper. You can embed individual cards and boards via links on Javascript-supported sites. Card attachments now also have preview images.

According to the site’s designers, this is only possible thanks to its recent acquisition by Atlassian. Trello CEO told TechCrunch:

The desktop app has been on our roadmap and something we’ve wanted to do, but as a scrappy startup we couldn’t do everything at once so we decided to focus on making our mobile and web experiences great for our users. Now under Atlassian, we have the resources to bring things to market faster and can deliver some of our most exciting features yet, like the desktop app.

We’ve contacted Trello to see if they’ve got any other features, including updates to the desktop app, in the pipeline. We’ll update if we hear back.