Using Remote Desktop via Windows 10 Mobile Continuum highlighted in new Microsoft video

Microsoft’s bet on its new Windows 10 Mobile keystone feature, Continuum, has yet to materialize fully for the company. As developers timidly wade into the waters of Windows development, with a shrinking smartphone market share and no tablets on the horizon utilizing the Windows 10 Mobile specific version of the operating system, it’s incumbent upon Microsoft to push the idea of Continuum forward.

Until recently, demos of Continuum have been relegated to conferences and special device showcases. Without a public presence or casual awareness, Microsoft’s vision of Continuum is effectively dying on the vine thus far. However, it seems Microsoft is making a strategic pivot in who it sees Continuum being used by.

In a new video, Microsoft pitched the idea of Continuum being a tool to access even more PC-like content in a more mobile package. For a minute and twenty seven seconds, the video guide goes over the use cases and apps available to a Continuum user through the Remote Desktop app.

No longer relegated to Universal Windows Apps specifically tailored for Continuum support, someone owning a Lumia 950 and 950 XL (presumably any Windows 10 Mobile phone with Continuum support) can now access a truly full desktop experience.

You get the power and functionality of the application without physically having to be at the office or in front of a PC. You can access your PCs desktop files, run traditional Windows apps, such as SAP, Photoshop or Autocad.”

For those still hesitant on the concept of Continuum, Microsoft’s new video may help provide a clearer picture of the company’s intentions with the feature. Similar to how Microsoft sold customers on the convergence factor of a Surface device, this new video strikes an eerily similar note using the same language and vocabulary, equipped with the same callouts to ‘full’ Photoshop and AutoCAD.


[Source:- Winbeta]