Utah company brings technology for better absorption of turmeric

Image result for Utah company brings technology for better absorption of turmericBOUNTIFUL, Utah (ABC4 News) – Turmeric is an ancient spice that is known to have incredible benefits including anti-inflammation.

But the problem like many supplements, it can’t easily be absorbed in the body.

One Utah company says they’ve found the technology to deliver this anti-inflammatory healing spice for better results.

Gary Mumford, 70, of Kaysville has been living with arthritis for a decade. He restricted a lot of activities, finding it even painful playing with the grandkids.

“It would be really uncomfortable,” said Mumford.

He was recently introduced to Optimend a pill with which its main ingredient is turmeric.

“Within turmeric the superstar component is curcumin,” said David Brown, CEO of Activz the maker of Optimend here in Utah. “So it’s like having this wonderful thing. If it could just get inside of you.”

Turmeric is often linked with black pepper for better absorption, but Brown says his company has found a better way to deliver turmeric that can absorb more of the benefits and withstand stomach acid.

“On a molecule by molecule basis, we take a molecule of curcuminoid and wrap it in a molecule of cyclodextrin. It’s like shrink wrap and makes it can be absorbed by the body,” said Brown.

Whatever science is behind the technology, what matters is that doctors and people see results.

“I got very sick myself. I had to understand diseases at a high level,” said Dr. Earle.

Dr. Brett Earle with Denali Medical Center in Bountiful is board certified in emergency medicine and has seen positive results from his patients.

“The big thing they notice is they can do more, they function better. I call it my sleep magic pill. I can take it and go to bed and my pain and inflammation is decreased throughout the night,” said Earle. “They’re finding inflammation plays a role in almost every chronic disease we have.”

Health experts say turmeric is not just for acute immediate pain but helps us restore balance by lowering inflammation every day.

“Taking it on a more consistent basis brings your body back down so it can deal with stressers,” said Earle.

Which means for Gary, a more pain-free time with grandkids.

“I just know it works. If it works for me I don’t want to give it up,” said Gary.

Activz has a patent pending on the technology surrounding Optimend.

Activz is holding a conference scheduled for Saturday at 10 a.m. at downtown Hilton. It’s open to the healthcare industry that would like to know more about Optimend and the benefits of turmeric.