Watch Apple advertise Microsoft’s Surface Pro

Over the weekend, Apple released a new ad campaign for the iPad Pro. Perhaps directed at Windows users, the ad shows off iPad Pro features not available on traditional computers, and questions viewers by asking,”what’s a computer?”

Of course, this ad will not settle well with some Windows and Microsoft fans, so one Reddit user switched things up and created a video of Apple advertising Microsoft’s Surface Pro.

Seen above, Reddit user hisensemusic, overlaid the voice over from Apple’s original adwith clips from Microsoft’s ads for the Surface Pro 4. The user notes that the video was made in around 30 minutes, and that it is, “amazing how well the Surface commercial just slots in to the voice over.”

Amazing it is indeed, because right the Apple narration mentions “Keyboard that can just out of the way,” images of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 Type Cover appear on the screen. Similarly, when the Apple narration taunts, “and a screen you can touch and write on” images of the Surface Pen, and the Surface Pro 4’s touch screen display appear on the screen.

So, what do you think of this video? Let us know your thoughts and reflections by dropping us a comment below!


[Source: Winbeta]