Watch Microsoft demo and explain Windows Mixed Reality

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Microsoft held a special Windows Mixed Reality event in San Francisco yesterday, to launch its range of new VR headsets. While Microsoft refers to its entire platform as “mixed reality,” the new headsets that will be available on October 17th are simply virtual reality ones for now. The mixed reality platform is designed to include headsets like the HoloLens with its augmented reality implementation, and Microsoft hopes that one day we’ll see headsets that combine virtual and augmented reality.

We’ve previously covered exactly what Windows Mixed Reality looks like, but Microsoft’s demonstrations also provide a good look at the games, apps, and experiences that the company will offer this holiday season. Alex Kipman, Microsoft’s HoloLens inventor, walks through web browsing, holograms, gaming (including SteamVR), and even the AltspaceVR social space during a 30-minute presentation. It’s a solid demonstration of exactly what Windows Mixed Reality will offer to compete against the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Microsoft will launch Windows Mixed Reality with a range of headsets from Acer, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, and Asus from October 17th. Not every headset will be available this month, but Samsung’s arrives in November and Asus’ early next year. Headsets will start at $399 with bundled motion controllers for the full support of Windows Mixed Reality.