16 Great Tech Blogs by Women and Why You Should Read Them

16 Great Tech Blogs by Women and Why You Should Read Them

Reading technical articles is one of the best ways to understand tech concepts because it’s a combination of the authors’ perspective, personality, and a spice of real-world analogies.

As my first article for 2021, I will be highlighting 16 tech blogs written by women in tech across the world. If you want to read more tech articles this year, you should definitely follow these blogs

Emma Bostain, compiled.blog

Emma is a Frontend Engineer at Spotify. She writes about CSS, JavaScript, technical interviews, how to publish an ebook & so much more. She sure has a great way of explaining tech concepts in a very relatable way. Emma’s blog definitely inspired me to get into tech blogging.

Victoria Lo, lo-victoria.com

Victoria is one of the most consistent tech bloggers I know. She writes about web development, ReactJS, and also shares blogging tips on her blog. Following her blog would definitely inspire you to write consistently & effectively.

Angie Jones, angiejones.tech

With a mix of test automation strategies, coding recipes, & tutorials on Java, this blog is perfect for QAs, Java enthusiasts, and developers interested in testing.

Angie is not only an amazing tech blogger; she is also a Java Champion and Principal Developer Advocate at Appitools.

Ayushi Rawat, ayushirawat.com

You know the popular quote that says; Building projects is one of the best ways to improve your coding skills?

Ayushi’s blog is the epitome of that quote.

She doesn’t just write about a tech concept. She builds different projects with Python and explains how she was able to achieve them. If you want to improve your Python skills by building projects, her blog is for you.

Tania Rascia, taniarascia.com

I have read different tech articles throughout my career, and I must say that Tania’s articles are the best. If you come across any of her articles, you will be astonished and learn a great deal.

Tania writes about Open Source, ReactJS, VueJS, amongst other things.

Ruth Ikegah, cakebaby.dev

Ruth’s blog is the beginner’s corner. She writes beginner-friendly and easy to understand articles about Python, Open Source, and GO. If you are a code newbie, you should read Ruth’s articles.

Lindsey, a11ywithlindsey.com

Lindsey is a self-taught web developer. She helps developers get the hang of accessibility, write better code, and empower them to build an exclusive internet through her blog.

Anita Ihuman, movi.hashnode.dev

Anita is a full stack developer and open source contributor. Her blog features beginner-friendly tech articles with a spice of real-world examples and developers’ life.

Monica Lent, monicalent.com

Monica Lent is a software engineer and former engineering manager. Trust me when I say her blog is the go-to place for all things blogging for devs, startups, and career growth. Her work utterly inspires me.

Sai Laasya, laasyasettyblog.hashnode.dev

If you are a Cloud enthusiast, Sai’s blog should be added to one of your top resources for tech articles. Aside from writing about the Cloud, she shares insights on blogging and productivity.

Jennifer Opal, jenniferopal.co

Jennifer is a DevOps Engineer focusing on Big Data. Her blog covers many educative articles about inclusion, career, neurodiversity, and tons of motivation to start a tech career. I recently discovered her blog & it is a gem.

Anna J, blog.annamcdougall.com

Anna is a web developer who demystifies JavaScript and CSS on her blog. I really love her content because she doesn’t just focus on writing about frameworks or languages. She educates developers on how to ask questions, give compliments, and be inclusive.

Ali Spittel, welearncode.com

Ali is a Senior Developer Advocate at Amazon. She writes about AWS, coding questions, GraphQL, and so much more. I love her blog because it is so informative and user friendly at the same time.

Alyssa Holland, blog.alyssaholland.me

I discovered Alyssa’s blog some months ago on Hashnode, and I loved it. She writes about front-end development, productivity and Docker.

Gift Egwuenu, giftegwuenu.dev

Gift is a frontend developer and content creator based in the Netherlands. She writes about content creation, preparing for tech interviews, front-end development and more.

Stephanie Morillo, stephaniemorillo.co

Do you know what they say about saving the best for the last? Stephanie shares content that helps developers become better content creators and bloggers. She even wrote a book on content creation as well – that’s how good she is. She’s an inspiration.


I hope you found this article useful and would hopefully start reading these tech blogs this year.

Do you know of any other tech blog owned by a woman? Please share it in the comment section below, and I’ll reply to every comment.