5 Reasons to Choose Ruby on Rails for MVP: The Magic Wand


Rails is a web application development framework written in the most famous Ruby programming language. It has been designed with a mission to make programming way easier. This technological advancement has made the life of programmers hassle-free as it does not require too much coding. Unlike other frameworks and languages, RoR is widely used by startups because it is fast, stable and secure.

If you are a startup looking to develop a new product, you must opt for RoR. Agile software and the speed of creating Ruby on Rails apps allow you to shorten the time necessary to introduce a new product to the market. As a result, startups can develop and grow at a faster pace. On top of this, the RoR framework allows MVPs development in the fastest way possible, this makes it a perfect choice for a software application that needs revamping for refinements and improvements. If you are concerned about the different development methods, RoR can also help you with that.

Besides, if you have a limited budget and you are short on time as well, Ruby on Rails is your best choice to validate the business model. It is no wonder that RoR is faster than any other framework. It makes the delivery of a refined, working product to the target audience possible. The more quickly you can present an MVP to your target audience the more quickly you can gather the data you need to assess and refine your final offering.

If we talk about Twitter, it is undoubtedly the most famous project that has been built using RoR. The founder of Twitter and his team decided to use this advanced framework since it allows the developers to work quickly and introduce new features in no time. However, Twitter has given up on the factor of Java. But it does not indicate that RoR was a bad choice. In fact, at that time it was their safest bet. Ruby on Rails provided the flexibility, ease and movement speed that Twitter needed.

If you are still wondering why startups use RoR for MVP development, here are 5 reasons why:

  • Open Source
    RoR is an open-source web-based framework. With this framework, you will have free access to multiple software libraries. As a result of this, the developers use the existing code that has already been tested — leaving no room for error. This allows rapid, bug-free development as well that would be much more difficult and time-consuming than if starting from scratch.
  • Secure
    RoR is a widely used stable, fast and secure technology with multiple features including multi-platform compatibility and Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). Not just this, it has seamless compatibility with numerous frameworks.
  • Automated Testing
    The main reason startups use RoR is its automated testing feature. On top of this, with this characteristic the developers can securely, quickly and easily create testing that will help them in delivering the bug-free MVP.
  • Availability of Gems
    Gem is a software package having the ruby library or app. This is used to improve or make the functionality better. Apart from this, some of the Gems offer a command line that automates different functions and tasks — speeding up the developer’s work.
  • Hosting Issues
    You must be aware of the fact that not every host supports the rails, it can be more resource-intensive just like PHP. However, a few hosts do support rails like Heroku, engine yard, Amazon, etc.

Benefits of Using Ruby on Rails for Startups

As the world is evolving at the fastest pace, virtually every new startup is looking for RoR developers. The reason behind this shift is that building modern web applications without professionals is a daunting task. However, ruby on rails makes it easier for developers to create a flawless platform with lesser efforts. Simply put, RoR includes everything you need to develop exceptional applications. The list of advantages does not end here, there are other reasons as well that makes it beneficial for startups to use RoR.

1. Time Efficient

For startups, it is not possible to invest unlimited time in showing their products to the target audience. But with ruby on rails, you can easily overcome this issue. RoR has many ready-made modules and plugins, which help developers in coming up with exceptional platforms in no time.

2. Consistent

Either you are a startup or a well-established company, consistency is the key to success. RoR is a consistent technology. With Ruby on Rails, the application developers follow programming conventions and standardized files that keep the project structured and readable.

3. Cost-Effective

You must be aware of this information that RoR is an open-source framework that is distributed under MIT license. This means that you do not have to spend extra money on the framework of RoR. Gems let you add features without developing them from scratch, so it can save plenty of time and effort, too.

If you are still not sure which companies have used RoR as their framework, here are some examples for you.


Airbnb is a travel industry leader, their website is also built with the help of RoR. Here Ruby on Rails is utilized in the integration of the payment system, for the preparation of email templates, and other crucial features.


Seems familiar? Shopify is an eCommerce platform allowing users to create their own online stores. This platform has gained popularity as it offers a lot of customization options. Not just this, multiple Shopify features have been built using RoR, including order tracking and credit card payment.


Bloomberg is a top-notch and leading agency in economic and financial affairs. Their website was also developed on RoR. By using this platform, the developers have created a very intuitive interface that customers can use easily.

Outsourcing is Also an Option for MVP Building

You might be having an idea for an amazing product, you know your target audience and you are about to start web application development but eventually, you realize you do not have coding skills. This is where outsourcing helps. Multiple companies nowadays outsource the MVP development so that they can focus on other business matters. There are multiple reasons why you should outsource MVP development including cost reduction, access to specialists, faster turnaround, and technical consultation.

With MVP development outsourcing you can save a lot of money. You can easily avoid the hiring cost by outsourcing the entire project. Not just this, outsourcing allows you to work with industry experts, which will quickly and efficiently deliver an amazing product.

So, if you are looking for professional web application builders or need support in gathering project requirements, prototyping or design — we are always at your disposal.